“Light” proposals from MAXRAY
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"Light" proposals from MAXRAY

Thinking and building in cohort with customers

To solve customers’ problems, materialize their dreams and satisfy their wishes, our sales reps, designers, planners, development teams, factory personnel and quality assurance crews work as one.
It is our policy to engage in business with passion and pride.
In cooperation with reliable partners, we devise puzzles with lighting fixtures, plans, spaces,
customer requests and other factors. Finally we put the MAXRAY brand into them to create optimum “light” in each and ever ambience.

Finding the best light solution for that time and place

We propose the best lighting to project in each unique location by tendering creative solutions that employ the good qualities of new-generation light sources. Our thoughts are always focused on finding the right light for the “right location” and “right occasion” so as to awaken the mind and evoke emotions. By building up deep relationship with our customers, they can count on us for providing them with a sense of reassurance and satisfaction.

Design that stimulates the senses

Our solutions have character because, as professionals, we are fully versed in the revolutionary design and lighting born from the collaboration with designers.
The products we propose render “light” that stimulates the senses by adeptly applying new technologies, know-how we have accumulated over the years, and the subtleties, elaborate shadowing, hues and other inherent qualities of light.

Aiming for harmony amongst people, places and light

We have always watched closely how the way people react to light morphs alongside changes in lifestyles and needs, and come up with new lighting concepts to serve that.
We propose lighting plans that harmonize people, places and light by molding lighting solutions we have nurtured for years to fit a plethora of conditions.