This collection of concept works introduces our achievements with discussions of our concepts and interviews with those involved. There are also photographs and videos showing the projects. Visit the galleries and video areas to experience the spaces we have helped create.

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Tenseien,Hakone Yumoto Onsen

Business Accommodaction
Concept To a garden that overlooks a landscape loved by poets. Producers of light that is born from the aspirations of people.
Planning and Design Design Department, Manyo Club Co., Ltd.
Design and construction Tokyo Architectural Office, Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd
Electrical work Kyowa Exeo Corporation
Lighting MAXRAY INC., Tokyo Branch
  LISPEL: Kiyoe Shimizu
Sales: Kimisaki Iwazawa
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Ray Fuu, Tsukuba, Season Terrace

Business Wedding
Concept Innovative bridal facilities. Moving visitors with a concept that raises the potential of the location.
Design Planning Work Co., Ltd.
Mitsuhiro Iwata
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Business Beauty Salon
Concept A minimalist approach to architecture, a condensation of what it means to be a beauty salon. The lighting pays homage to the brilliance of nature.
Design Yasuhiko Kirita and Yasuji Tanaka,
Takara Space Design Co.,Ltd.
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White Symphony
Huis Ten Bosch

Business Weddings
Concept The architecture blends in with its surroundings, adding to its materials and creating the story.
Design Takashi Sakai
Abax Architects
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Users Science Institute(USI)Satellite LUNETTE,Kyushu University

Business University
Concept Lighting that makes this new-age aluminum building look like an object of light.
Design Toshikazu Ishida
Professor of Art and Design at Kyushu University, Postgraduate School
Outer wall FLOP system (pat. 2004-036351)
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Whiskey Gallery at Suntory's Hakushu Distillery

Business Events
Concept A place to get to know whiskey even better. A place where whiskey can be seen in a different light and start a new story.
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"Satoyama no Yu", a public bath that brings back memories of the Showa period

Business Public bath
Concept With the flavor of an inn but the functionality of a public bath, it brings back memories of the Showa period in the 1950s.
Mitsuhiro Iwata, PLANNING WORK Co.,Ltd.
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Business Multi-purpose commercial facility
Concept A Space With a View -- Harmonizing the old and radically new, in the tradition of Kyoto
C-concept Inc.
Mr. Yasuhiro Harada (President, CUBE)
Mr. Yoshiyuki Morii (President, cafe co.)
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Wedding Vow Hill - ISTOIRE

Business Wedding Hall
Concept A wedding hall with tastefully simple design. "Rays of happiness" make night-time weddings also popular.
Design and construction Narata Architect Atelier Ltd.
Kohno Architectural Design Office
Design Cooperative
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Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse

Business Cultural and multi-purpose commercial facility
Concept Collaboration spanning 90 years of history, looking towards the future
Design Chiaki Arai Urban & Architecture Design
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Business Hotel
Concept Minimalist design transcending the conventional notion of a hotel room
Design Mifune Design Studio / Yasutoshi Mifune
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Osaka Countdown Festival

Business Events
Concept Dynamic light and sound canopy
Outdoor event using opera type staging
Design Overall Production:TSP TAIYO Inc.
Overall Design Supervision:MAXRAY INC.LISPEL
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