Precautions on product information
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Precautions on product information


  • The product information and the codes in product info-linked digital catalogs on this website are referred to in "Lighting Fixtures Collection International Vol. 3".
  • Note that some products have been redesigned but marked with the same product codes used in previous catalogs.
  • Specifications and prices are subject to change for product improvements without notice.
  • The sizes of product photos are not necessarily the same ratio for catalog printing reasons. Before purchasing, check the dimensions.
  • The product colors on the website may be slightly different from actual ones.
  • The fixture itself and the shade, which have different product codes, are partially marked with a single code. When delivering such products, each product is shipped in its package with its product code. (This is noted in the "Remarks" column in the specifications.)
  • Some already setup images are shown in composite pictures.
  • For product details, refer to the "Specification sheet".
  • Before use, be sure to carefully read the "Instruction manual" for added safety.
  • The "Specification sheet" and "Instruction manual" are reviewed from the product info on this website.


  • In ordering Maxray products, be sure to let us know the product code, quantity and delivery time.
  • Some products, such as fixture proper and pole, have different product codes but used together.
    For those products, be sure to specify the codes of both products.